We Know People. 

Focus Roundtable’s commitment to innovative and creative thinking, combined with our extensive experience in the market research field, ensures that each respondent we select is a perfect match for your research needs. We provide a fully-customized respondent recruitment strategy for every single client, seamlessly completing each project on time, every time.

Our market research recruiting agency specializes in:

  • focus groups
  • in person and telephone interviews
  • online qualitative research
  • healthcare professionals and patients
  • mock juries
  • academic and university research
  • ethnographies, shop-along studies, and usability research

We Search High and Low.

We are always adding brand new focus group respondents to our rapidly growing national qualitative database. Thanks to our targeted outreach efforts, our expansive network reflects a diverse range of ages, backgrounds, socioeconomic groups, and consumer interests – enabling us to directly connect our clients with the best respondents for each unique recruitment.


Focus Group Recruitment Service