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“The experience was very worthwhile. The moderators made everyone feel welcome and did a great job explaining the process. You’re able to express your opinions and hear different viewpoints on the same topics. I would definitely recommend it to others. It’s far from intimidating, as some people may fear. The moderators did a great job directing the conversation and getting everyone to participate. The entire process was nonjudgmental and conducive to a free flow of ideas.”



“I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the group. I discovered people who were from diverse backgrounds, as I love and appreciate a blend of everybody! Each person was thoroughly engaged and contributed openly, and quite candidly! And the moderators afforded everyone ample time to provide their thoughts and opinions. I walked away thinking deeper on the topics that were discussed. I would encourage others to participate, and to be open and honest with their opinions.”



“I like that I can learn a new perspective from others about a particular subject being discussed. Like Nike says, I would tell anyone who is considering participating to ‘just do it.’ You will have fun!”