We Know People

Our extensive, in-house panel of study respondents is organically grown, meticulously monitored and always expanding. We rely on our team’s creativity and resourcefulness to build a growing network that reflects all ages, backgrounds, socioeconomic groups and consumer interests. Focus Roundtable recruits specifically for each new study we engage in, customizing a group of respondents who will meet the unique goals and parameters of that particular study. It’s an approach that truly differentiates us, and one we’re immensely proud of.

We Search High and Low

Thinking outside the box to find the perfect respondents for your research study is what we love to do, no matter how simple or complex the task. Whether you’re looking for input from women who have purchased a tote bag in the past year, or need to hear from a group of certified engineers who scale bridges and employ drones to inspect the paint quality, we can curate that panel. We never shy away from any challenge we’re presented with.

Our dedicated team of experts applies the most innovative recruitment methods, infused with the maximum dosage of personal ingenuity, to find high quality, trustworthy respondents who truly represent your target audience.

Recruitment methods include outreach to professional associations, affinity groups and local community organizations; targeted ads on social media as well as direct engagement with social media influencers; snowball sampling and paid referrals; traditional networking; and more.

And we personally speak with every single potential panelist utilizing online, telephone, and video screening methods to validate authenticity.

We Go the Extra Mile

It’s our business to ensure that every respondent participating in your research study is genuinely qualified and well-suited to provide the input your organization is relying on when making decisions that will shape the future.

Whether your study is large or small, simple or complex, local or national, straightforward or unusual, you can count on the experts at Focus Roundtable to deliver the highest quality service and outcomes for all of your qualitative market research study recruitment needs.