Get Paid for Your Opinion – Focus Groups

It’s August, so that means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and Chanukah and what your budget will be for gifts. (Just kidding, you’re already behind.) But maybe you do need some extra cash or want to put a little away in savings for a trip, your car needs new tires, or you want to try that avocado toast we’ve been accused of loving too much. Focus groups are paid and you can make more money than online surveys. 

what do you do in a focus group

Most focus groups are limited to 60 to 90 minutes total time but the pay is anywhere from $50 to $200 typically. You may be paid even more depending on the brand and what demographic they are trying to reach. If you fall into a unique category, you could make some serious money. You can receive payment in the form of cash, prepaid debit cards, or even gift cards so you are able to use it right away. Another bonus: they sometimes feed you too. The focus groups will include food just as incentive or you might be lucky enough to be at a product test. You get to influence the taste of something and get paid!

Getting selected is as easy as filling out a basic demographic survey and then a recruiter will call you when they have a fit. Be sure to be honest because they are interested in your unique perspective. 

If you want to have some extra guac at Chipotle or are saving for your education, consider focus groups to boost your income.