Focus Group and Individual Interview Time Length

It is easier to deal with things when you know they have a definitive timeframe and an endpoint. Most people do not like walking into the DMV or a restaurant and seeing a huge line. You just want your license renewed and some nachos. When you participate in a focus group, there are general standards that are followed.

qualitative research recruitment agenciesFor the actual discussion portion of the focus group, expect to spend an hour to 90 minutes on the content. You and your eight or so new best friends will have enough time to give thorough answers. This won’t feel like an agonizing eternity though. Add about 15 minutes at the beginning for check in and another 15 at the end to wrap up. All in all, usually a maximum of two hours for your opinion. And you’re getting paid.

If you are chosen for an individual interview, you can anticipate to spend up to an hour. Individual interviews can be in person, over the phone, or video conference. This type of research study is more in-depth and the interviewer can adjust questions to each participant.

The small size of both types of focus groups allow the moderator to get enough information but keep your time limited. Getting paid for a quick chat? Sounds like a brief and solid investment for your opinion!