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Recruiting respondents for market research is what we do, and it’s all we do.

Focus Roundtable is an innovative market research recruitment company with unparalleled expertise in curating customized respondent groups for qualitative research studies nationwide.

We know that companies and organizations are making critical decisions based on key insights gained through market research. And the quality and reliability of those insights are only as good as the quality and reliability of the study respondents providing feedback. Where you start matters. A lot.

Our exceptional team of recruitment experts, based in Philadelphia and led by professional researcher Jenna Fulton, PhD, understands the needs of clients and researchers alike. We know each study is unique, and accordingly, we take a unique approach to recruitment every time.

Unlike other market research recruiting agencies, our extensive, in-house panel is organically grown and always expanding to meet the exacting needs of each particular project. Whether a study calls for 70 respondents or just one, and those respondents are seemingly everywhere or nearly impossible to find, we apply the most advanced methodology, blended with our trademark ingenuity, to identify and screen respondents who are genuinely qualified to tell you what you want to know.

Our experience spans all industries, from consumer products to healthcare, law firms to nonprofits, and numerous others. And with our inherent knowledge of academic research in its entirety, we’re able to offer informed counsel, when needed, along the way.

If your organization is in search of market research study respondents who best represent your target audience for focus groups, one-on-one interviews, bulletin boards, product and medical device testing, mock juries and more, Focus Roundtable is here to help make your study a resounding success.

Meet Our Team

Jenna Fulton, PhD


Jenna Fulton, PhD, is an expert in all forms of qualitative and quantitative research. She brings a deep background in her field to the national market research recruitment company she established in Philadelphia in 2018.

As the Founder of Focus Roundtable, Jenna is responsible for client engagement, hiring and training associates, and day-to-day operations. She personally oversees every market research study undertaken by the company, applying her wealth of knowledge to the strategy and execution of each unique project. Prior to establishing Focus Roundtable, Jenna held the title of Survey Statistician, Center for Survey Management, at the US Census Bureau. In this role, she designed and conducted qualitative, quantitative and usability research, and was deemed an expert reviewer of surveys designed by the Census Bureau and other government agencies.

Earlier in her career, Jenna held various leadership positions in market research, where she guided qualitative and quantitative research studies, including survey design and oversight, vendor selection, data analysis and reporting and respondent interviews in healthcare, finance and consumer goods. She has delivered dozens of presentations on the topic of survey methodology and qualitative and quantitative research, and authored several highly regarded papers published in Public Opinion Quarterly, including "When More Gets You Less: A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Concurrent Web Options on Mail Survey Response Rates,” and "More Positive or More Extreme? A Meta-Analysis of Mode Differences and Response Choice." Jenna received her PhD in Survey Methodology from the Joint Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland, her MS in Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University, and her BS in Psychology from St. Joseph’s University

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Our personalized recruiting methods combined with our expansive and meticulously maintained database help us find the perfect respondents for each project.

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Your voice is important, and companies want to hear from you. We are always looking to recruit research respondents of all ages, industries and locations to take part in paid research studies.